Cloud Computing

Quality cloud computing services made for your organization.

Cloud computing solutions have become widespread as more and more people realize their potential. The cloud provides excellent opportunities to accelerate business processes and innovation. The cloud has made serious value-creating innovations, that were not thought possible a few years ago.

Cloud services can be complex however, their importance continues to grow, and there are many benefits of cloud computing for businesses. Some advantages include reduced costs, increased security, and greater reach while maximizing profitability and innovation.

Our Cloud Service Overview

We are experienced in a wide variety of different cloud solutions, our experts can find the perfect solution for your organization.

The Cloud Computing Journey

Where are you when it comes to the cloud?

Planning and Learning

Are you learning and planning for a potential move to the cloud.


Your organization is ready to go to the cloud.


You want to optimize your cloud investment.


You are ready to take the next step in accelerating your innovative capabilities using cloud technologies.

Phase 1 – Planning and Learning

If you’re planning and learning on how to move to the cloud, here are some plans that work:

Cloud Strategy

Migrating to the cloud doesn’t have to be difficult; we find that our clients are most successful when they take a systematic approach. We assist our clients in outlining key drivers, business cases, and actionable strategies. To help their organization adopt cloud computing as an operating model and technology.

Cloud Assessment

Our experts can review your current application infrastructure and how they relate to cloud readiness, modernization, future growth, and cloud strategy. Our tests are divided into several subsections; Security & Monitoring, Infrastructure, Alerts, Governance, Audits Applications, Development, and Operations. In each area, we provide context regarding your Current State, Analysis, Best Practices, and Recommendations. The assessment provides a roadmap that helps you understand your business and infrastructure requirements. It also provides essential resources for planning and shaping your cloud goals and decisions.

Vendor Selection

Our experts strive to be well informed and review factors such as available technology, pricing, and client preferences. To personalize your cloud vendor recommendation, we’re always willing to help any way we can.

Cloud Adoption

With a framework for cloud Adoption in your company, you can facilitate a smoother migration to cloud-based services. The Framework will help you move quickly through the process and dodge common organizational issues. These frameworks should include six core focus points. These are People, Business, Governance, Platform, Security, and Operations. We can perform the analysis for each perspective to ensure that your organization will be properly aligned.

Phase 2 – Act

If your organization is prepared to go to the cloud, our experts can help you orchestrate your cloud migration. Whether your movement is simple or contains complicated steps. We can take your preferences for timing, cost, security, and availability to design and implement a migration strategy that is customized to fit your business needs.

Phase 3 – Optimize

Here’s our plan for you to optimize your cloud investment:

Cost Saving

When implementing a strategy for cloud implementation, planning should be done to maximize your cost optimizations. We can provide suggested strategies that take these factors into account to ensure value and efficiency.


When applying cloud-enabled development and operations principles, your organization can see increases in deployment frequency, team productivity, release quality, and architecture quality. Allowing you to maximize value creation.

Cloud-Native Development

Our expert software developers take pride in creating cloud-native solutions that are easy to use and fast to maintain.

Well-Architected Reviews

Well-Architected Reviews are an evaluation that ensures best practices for secure, high-performing, resilient, and efficient infrastructure for your applications. The primary cloud providers release new services regularly. There are always new ways to optimize your workload, which previously were not available.

Managed Services

Organizations that are empowered by the cloud can benefit from increased agility and decreased overhead. Nevertheless, the need for their support remains, at Monera Technologies, we strive to create a plan that’s tailored to fit your specific needs.

Phase 4 – Innovation

Are you ready to take the next step in accelerating your innovation with cloud technologies? Here’s what’s next:

Cloud technologies unlock innovation in a way that other versions never could. The cloud accelerates your capabilities with the following.

  1. Allows you to capture and process more data.
  2. Provides you with more time for value-adding activities.
  3. It can leverage new skills that lead to new ideas.
  4. Those new ideas give rise to prototypes.
  5. The cloud scales with your growth.

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