Process & Capability Assessment

We can assess your processes and prioritize them to align with your business strategy.

Process improvement initiatives should be prioritized based on their value to both your business and organizational readiness.


An organization’s processes, organizational structure, personnel, and technology solutions define how work gets done. Major organizations continually review the effectiveness of core operational processes to identify issues and improve performance.


Process Assessment Service


This service is a way to assess process effectiveness and prioritize your processes to align with your core business strategy. We want to work with you to identify and measure process performance and maturity levels throughout your organization.

We identify root cause issues, key opportunities, and recommendations for each operational area by using performance, process analysis, baselining and benchmarking.

We find the quickest path to creating value through our advanced targeting methods. With Value Targeting and Process Assessment, we can find the fastest way to add real business value.

Process Hierarchy

We can define core processes and identify their importance, from high-level complex processes to low-level sub-processes.

Through this, we identify improvement opportunities and advance process maturity.

Process Documentation

Our documentation tools can create a detailed understanding of how end-to-end processes and inter-related variables relate these include:

  1. The basis to manage and improve processes
  2. Employee orientation to core processes
  3. A consistent view of operations
  4. Consistent and standardized procedures


Process Opportunity Assessment

This assessment contains several criteria that our experts use to determine key themes, opportunities, and risks in processes, they include:

  • Process Awareness and Knowledge
  • Process Alignment and Ownership
  • Process Effectiveness
  • Performance Metric Alignment
  • Technology Proficiency
  • Organizational Skills


Readiness Assessment

Understanding your organization’s ability to sustain and build upon a process excellence program is crucial. We provide you with a readiness assessment program for each major division and department of your organization.

We can help you evaluate areas that are critical to support process excellence; these include:

  • Training Effectiveness
  • Readiness to Change
  • Technology Platforms
  • PEX program sponsorships
  • PEX Methods, Tools and Analytics
  • PEX Resources/Skills
  • Governance/PMO/COE Structures


Opportunity Prioritization

Prioritize your process improvement opportunities based on value impact, levels of effort, and levels of risk. This allows for quantitative and qualitative analysis that will enable you to select the right opportunities at the right time and maximize your return on investment.


Roadmap and Business Case Development

Having a strong business case is critical for implementing a successful process excellence program. It’s crucial to communicate the strategy and the path to get your organization to where you want it to be. This facilitates the conversation around funding but also assists with the alignment of stakeholders.


Process Assessment Capabilities

Xccelerate Technologies services can be customized and personalized to meet the needs of your business. We ensure that the maximum amount of value is delivered in the shortest amount of time.

  • Process Documentation
  • Opportunity Prioritization
  • Roadmap and Business Case Development
  • Capability and Readiness Assessment
  • Process Definitions
  • Opportunity assessment

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