Operational & Process Excellence

Let us improve your operational processes and procedures to allow your organization to meet competitive challenges.

Business processes are now critical factors that allow businesses to perform at high levels and succeed in the marketplace.

Having the right people with the right support mechanisms and the right technology is crucial to an organization operating today. Processes are fundamental mechanisms that will allow businesses to operate at maximum efficiency. At Xcceleraate Technologies, we have experience with process excellence and maximizing capabilities.

Our Process Excellence Services

Our services complement each other in a way that drives, enables, sustains, and provides improvements throughout your organization. Discover your potential today.

Process and Capability Assessment

We identify process improvement opportunities by analyzing your organizational readiness and business value.                                                    

Business Process Improvement (BPI)

We deliver measurable process improvements as well as operational results.

Business Architecture

We develop a business architecture that gives organizations a shared vision to guide their future improvements.

Performance Measurement

Measuring and driving ongoing performance improvement by using aligned metrics, reports, and balanced scorecards.

Process Automation

We deliver process optimization with process modeling tools, rules management, business process management software (BPMS), and cutting edge technologies.

Enterprise OPEX Enablement

We help you reach and create a process-driven organization that drives culture change using organizational alignment, executive sponsorship, and engagement, Organizational Change Management (OCM), methodology and tool development and training.

How Process Excellence can be a strategic differentiator

Successfully implementing process and operational excellence can radically change the game when it comes to solving many complicated challenges that are facing companies today. By effectively leveraging processes, companies gain an advantage when addressing opportunities and threats that are in the marketplace. This allows them to be uniquely positioned and able to deliver increased value to customers.

Competition continues to evolve in the marketplace, requiring highly flexible nimble Business models. As agility is now ever more critical, business processes must be supported by flexible technology solutions to give you a competitive advantage.

Process excellence can be a valuable competitive differentiator as it is both a source of customer satisfaction and a factor in financial performance.

Technology is changing a wide array of industries in a way that has never been seen before forcing companies to adapt their business model and processes throughout their organizations.

The search for talent is heating up, making it more difficult to attain. Leading to issues in keeping a reliable resource base and retaining capital in knowledge. A successful organization should look upon its processes to provide a predictable and reliable source of performance.

IT should be used to supplement and enhance efficiencies. Process excellence initiatives are a top priority for organizations that use IT, as they improve effectiveness and efficiency while reducing costs.

Robotic Process Automation (RBA) can allow your employees to be free from dealing with simple data entry tasks, freeing them up to complete more challenging tasks.

Operational Excellence Solutions

Sourcing and Procurement

Sourcing and Procurement can be crucial to ensuring low overhead costs and efficient workflow. Our approach allows for balancing between direct saving initiatives and building sustainable procurement capabilities within a company’s processes, technology solutions, and organizational structures.

Supply Chain Operations

Through putting a strategic supply chain operation and strategy in place a company can get on the path to sustained improvement. Our Supply Chain service focusing on a core set of capabilities, including:

  •         Distribution
  •         Manufacturing
  •         Customer Service and Segmentation
  •         Supply Chain Planning and Optimization

Our Process Excellence Approach

Our operational and process excellence approach will drive measurable results and build sustainable capability while enabling ongoing performance improvements.

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