Customer Experience & Journey Mapping

Superior customer experiences are becoming an important differentiator between market leaders and market followers.

Many companies are looking at overhauling their customer experience in order to gain a significant advantage in the market. Research shows that if two companies perform identically, customers will consistently prefer to do business with organizations that implement:

  • A more flexible and customized way of selecting products
  • More compelling selections of products and services
  • Unmatched client experience and service
  • A high degree of confidence and trust between customers

Our mission is to work in cooperation with our clients to create and maintain a superior customer experience that creates value for all relevant parties. We strive to offer our clients solutions that will allow them to consistently and sustainably increase their customer experience.


How Xccelerate Technologies can transform your customer’s experience:


All companies operate to create value, in order to increase value creation, our experts have created a set of tools that allow our partners to greater understand any of their customer’s needs, preferences, and expectations. We have also mapped the critical driving variables that create customer satisfaction and loyalty. We always strive to give your company the ability to optimize its product offerings to create higher perceived value with customers.


Customer Research and Profile Development

A key defining factor in improving customer experience is to understand your customer’s needs and wants. One of the best ways to differentiate your organization is to construct customer profiles, using all the available data at your disposal. Good places to find relevant data include direct marketing, internet sources, email, social media, and specialized data platforms. Creating a holistic profile on a customer allows organizations to better understand what customer demands need to be fulfilled. This practice can be extended to provide an organization with a persona to model future marketing material. Customer research and development can further deliver enhanced customer care and service to your organization while improving your products and service offerings.


Customer Profiling

Creating templates or profiles of a customer base can create a detail-rich description that can ultimately guide future marketing and management decisions. These profiles if constructed correctly can also adapt to fit current market situations and changing business specifications. Important characteristics of a profile should include:

  • Buying Patterns 
  • Loyalty Drivers
  • Customer Analytics
  • Needs, Preferences, and Expectations
  • Segmentation


Your Customers Voice

One of the most efficient and time-proven methods of understanding customer needs, wants, and preferences is to ask them. To help organizations better understand their customers, our experts work with them to employ a variety of techniques to gain valuable insight and information, these include:

  • Chat room interactions, and contact centers
  • Blogs and News
  • Social media, emails, and letters
  • Interview focus groups and surveys

After the information has been gathered, the data is then transferred into insights that will help boost the overall customer experience and lift customer expectations, improve services and products, and provide possible crisis remediation and detection.


Mapping the Customer Journey

Mapping the journey that your customers take is crucial in order to gain important insights when studying core experiences from the customer’s point of view. Once completed a map of the customer journey can provide ways to spot areas needing improvement, prioritization, and additional implementation. However, for such an encompassing tool such as this, there is no universal set mold. When constructing a customer journey map prioritize personalizing the solution to meet each client’s unique needs and complexities.

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