Modern Software Delivery

Realize the value that is present within your technology investments, remain competitive in a constantly evolving marketplace, by implementing a cutting-edge Modern Software Delivery system.

The importance of a Strategy that Harnesses Innovation.

The marketplace is constantly changing, to succeed you require an agile and adaptable business that can consistently deliver new products faster than your competitors. Technology advancements are giving way to more innovative competition while creating an influx of industry disrupting trends. Remaining competitive requires a company to understand that change is now a constant in the market, and companies can no longer rely just on technology or agile principles to provide their answers, constant new ideas and developments must be created.

An innovative business requires an innovative business strategy, that is relevant comprehensive and transformative. Having an approach like this allows an organization to continuously create innovations and rapidly deliver value to the market.

The components of a Modern Software Delivery System

We advise our clients to focus on transformational opportunities across four fundamental areas in their business:


Start benefiting from Lean and agility in your technology delivery system. When correctly implemented they involve Product Development, Business Agility, Lean-Agile Methodologies, Integrated Feedback, Visible Work and Work in Progress Management. By applying these principles to software development capabilities, your business can take advantage of the benefits of technology systems.


The most important resource is human resources having an efficient framework for IT and business leadership allows you to take advantage of rapid innovation in your organization. This can create very large amounts of collaborative growth that can be applied throughout all levels of your organization. Create specialized teams that are high performing, collaborative and accelerated by technology platforms.


Implementing cloud technology is one of the fastest ways for your organization to increase its productivity and enable scalability and innovation throughout your organization. Having a secure and accessible cloud platform can empower high performing teams to deliver more value consistently.


Being able to move an idea to the production line as quickly as possible is crucial to getting market share. DevOps can give your organization improved deployment capabilities while maintaining quality and reliability. DevOps capabilities continually grow while their inside an organization this allows them to better identify any opportunities for effective workflow automation.

The Pros of a Modern Software Delivery System 

Having a high performing team use DevOps practices, cloud platforms, and Agile principles will result in their production being increased exponentially. This will allow your organization to continually deliver value rapidly without sacrificing any reliability or quality. Studies conducted state the benefits of applying a Modern Software Delivery system:

Sources: DORA State of DevOps report 2018, State of DevOps report 2017, Accelerating Velocity and Customer Value

  •         Market capitalization growth of 50% higher than industry competitors
  •         Mature teams deliver code to production 46 times more often than traditional IT organizations
  •         Teams use cloud platforms for 83% of their applications
  •         Business growth is improved by 63% when adding Modern Software Delivery Practices to an agile environment
  •         Technology delivery speed is improved by 37%, employee retention by 77% and  customer engagement by a factor of 4

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Customer Application Development & Implementation

We don’t just match solutions with their technology requirements, we deliver it in a modern and optimized way that will allow your organization to bring their ideas into the market faster, better and more efficiently. We give organizations the ability to deliver value to the market faster while maintaining quality. Whether you require more broad transformational work or need to target specific issues in your organization.

We build custom applications that are fast, simple, and ergonomic.

Our analysis of the current technical landscape ensures that our applications are built with the latest technologies. This provides our organization with a diverse range of capabilities. Enabling our team to help your organization make the right decisions at the right time. We offer the following services:

Oversight & Governance

You need a plan that can provide a balanced approach to your operations. Our experts can allow for more targeted decision making related to any technology and applications within your business.

Assessment & Strategy

You need technology solutions that are based on your expected value and organizational readiness. We can assess your entire IT organization or focus on specific areas or teams to identify and prioritize process improvement opportunities. That provide you with a Roadmap for improvement, Capability Maturity Analysis, ensuring that the situation can supply you with repeatable growth.

Tool Selection & Implementation

You need the right technology platforms to give your business faster handling of your internal processes giving you more value faster. Our experts help you identify and evaluate the right set of tools that are needed based on your organizational needs and readiness. We give you a long-running, maintainable solution that will solve your customer needs, now and in the future.

Coaching & Teaching

We give you the ability to develop your abilities by using our subject matter experts. Giving you high performing teams with an integrated People-Process-Technology Approach. Providing you with all the relevant knowledge to an internal team giving you a sustainable and adaptable solution.


Agile practices allow you to turn an intricate project into a manageable solution. Our experts coach you in improving transparency, collaboration, and delivery through agile development.

  • Agile training & coaching
  • Workflow Management
  • Agile methodology improvement and implementation


DevOps can be far more than just a continuous delivery software. Used correctly it can provide you with a way to continuously and reliably deliver software. Our experts can provide you with a DevOps engineering solution that will accelerate your delivery process.

  • Tool Optimization
  • Instrumented Processes
  • Modular Architecture
  • Workflow Automation


Quality assurance and constant improvement are important in accelerating your delivery efforts. We provide you with the ability to automate processes and shorten feedback times.


When used correctly the cloud can accelerate your software delivery services. Successful businesses use the cloud as a platform not just software elsewhere. Let us help you optimize and personalize cloud platforms and tailor them for your specific needs.

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